Ciao Italia’s story began 23 years ago


The Story Behind Ciao Italia

30 years ago we were living in Italy. We travelled around various cities, particularly in the area near Florence and all over the Tuscany region. On this journey through much of Italy we searched for the authentic Italian way of life, collecting experiences that we brought with us to the first restaurant café which we opened in 1993, in Pagrati. We opened our second branch on Sygrou Avenue in 2001. They are both a strong reflection of this Italian life style.

Fine Italian Coffee

Ciao Italia’s timeless coffee is traditionally Italian and of the finest quality. The baristas at Ciao Italia prepare the coffee of your choice with special care on our authentic Italian espresso machines.

Sygrou Restaurant

133 Syngrou Avenue, Ag. Sostis
To order call: 210 93.74.548, 210 93.74.549

Pagrati Restaurant

4, Spyrou Mercouri Street, Pagrati
To order call: 210 72.12.134, 210 72.10.456